The Adventure Series

This page contains resources for my adventure series books. Join the Adventure! A Call to Christian Discipleship and Mission Suitable for Everyone is a short, readable book designed to get you started in mission and spiritual growth. The book uses the metaphor of the 1/4-inch domino, which, when tipped over can result in a significant chain reaction, describing simple, doable ways to answer Jesus’ call to meet needs and grow spiritually yourself. Live the Adventure! Disciple-making for Ordinary People was published November 2017. Both are available in paper and electronic form.

There are Biblical examples, stories of everyday people, and a proven simple approach to spiritual disciplines.

Here’s the 1/4-inch domino illustration from early in the Join the Adventure and reviewed in Live the Adventure:

How much power would it take to knock down a domino the size of the Empire State Building?

Can a 13-year-old beat Michael Phelps? No, but after growth, a 21-year-old can! Please scroll down to see the picture.

One important influence on me and the book that is not mentioned in either book because there are no direct quotes is work coming from The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), founded by John Stott in the early 1980s. I’m a huge fan of the book Imagine Church by Neil Hudson, which uses the concept of frontlines. In addition, the Executive Director of the LICC, Mark Greene, has written a marvelous book Fruitfulness on the Frontline. I strongly recommend both books. The Kindle version of Imagine Church can be ordered here.

Here’s a list of some of the books and materials that are mentioned in Join the Adventure and Live the Adventure. Many of these are great resources for your discipleship journey.

Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan: 4-column, read the whole Bible in one year
New Testament Reading Plan: 5 x 5 x 5, read the New Testament in one year
Brief instructions and journal for daily time with God. This is a very succinct summary of the very detailed content in the book, along with a template for implementing Read, Reflect, Respond, Record.
The Wheel Illustration. This is a summary and history of The Navigators’ Wheel Illustration with a link to download a PDF you can share with others.
One Verse Evangelism. This is a very clear, concise method for presenting the gospel visually using only Romans 6.23.

-In God’s Family (2:7) Discipleship Series
Growing Strong in God’s Family This is the book from which the Daily Time with God instructions were adapted. Here’s the full description from the web site. “This first book in The 2:7 Series is designed to help you build a strong foundation for your Christian life through enriching Bible study, Scripture memory, and group interaction. With its biblical and practical approach to discipleship, this workbook will yield long-term, life-changing results, such as: a closer relationship with God, a keener sense of priorities, renewed concern for non-Christian friends, a growing camaraderie within your study group.”
Deepening Roots in God’s Family
Bearing Fruit in God’s Family

Every Man a Warrior is a powerful tool for men. Like the 2:7 Series, it is a three-book series, and the first book helps men build the foundation they need for their walk with God, including a solid plan for daily time with God similar to the one in Join the Adventure and Growing Strong in God’s Family.

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield This is the secular book I mention under “Do the Work” in the FREED to Succeed section of the Discipline of an Adventurer. It’s a one-hour read designed to help you overcome what Steven calls the “resistance.”