5/30/2014 I’m not ready for that – part 2

I have another response to the brother who said, “I’m not ready” to come alongside people in their spiritual journey. (Please see blog entry May 17, 2014)

Gordon Saunders, career missionary with Greater Europe Mission, told the story of a 90-year-old lady living in a nursing home. In addition to leading a bible study, she noticed that Sunday afternoons were slow periods, that the people seemed down. So she gathered them together just to tell each other stories and laugh. In the process she would have further opportunity to get to know them and share spiritual truth as necessary and appropriate. Gordon challenges us to model this lady:

1. Be there
2. Pay attention
3. Do what you can

4. Tell the truth

“There” is wherever we are whether we’ve intentionally travelled somewhere as a missionary or whether we’re in a nursing home, at work, in our neighborhoods, or at school. Wherever “there” is, we can all pay attention to what’s going on and figure out what the needs are. Then we do what we can if it’s only getting people together to tell jokes. Then we tell the truth about God, about the world, about life.

How can you not be “ready” for that?

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